Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Will the real Connor Xian please stand up?

He did. He started doing it last Saturday.

We were relaxing in the hall, Dear Hubby was reading papers and I was watching tv. Connor was playing on the carpet as usual. I looked over at Connor and knew something was up. I don't know how to explain it but I just knew. It seemed to me he was sitting funny and fidgeting in a funny way.

So I got up and went over to sit by him, looking him over to see if there was anything wrong because Connor sure had an odd expression on his face. Then it happened. I could see he was trying to stand up all by himself. Trying not to sound too excited for fear of distracting Connor and upsetting his balance, I squeaked to Dear Hubby, "Quick, quick... look over here! He's going to stand up!"

Just as I finished squeaking, Connor slowly and carefully rose up and stood there beaming at us, pleased that he'd finally done it. He managed to stand for perhaps 30 seconds before his legs gave way and he sat down again with a loud thump. Proud Mummy broke into cheers and gave him a hug while Daddy beamed.

Since last Sat, he's been trying to stand up unaided more frequently and for longer periods. I used to be able to leave him for a few minutes in the hall as I knew he'd be playing on the carpet. I can't do that anymore because he'll just stand up now and I'm afraid he'll lose his balance and topple over backwards and bonk his head.

So here we are, just a week shy of 8 months and Connor can stand. The paed told me he's likely to walk early given his advanced physical development, so Dear Hubby said that Connor will probably be the first baby to walk before he's had a tooth in his head. LOL


  1. Oh my! He's really advanced for his age! When you coming back again? He should have outgrown his fear of me right? ?:P

  2. PB: LOL You'll be in for a disappointment.. he's just developing stranger anxiety and is afraid of everybody at the mo. Not sure... we were supposed to be back this week but changed plans bec of the flu scare.