Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I got back into my old jeans!!! YAY!


I put on close to 20kg I think when I was pregnant with Connor. It didn't bother me too much. My concern then was for his health and as long as he was doing fine, it was okay. I always thought I'd get back into the gym.

After he was born, I discovered the first thing that goes out of the window for a new mum is me time. I didn't get back to the gym regularly till he was about 3-4 months old. We were also travelling a lot then. When all our major travelling was done, I thought I'd hit the gym hard but Connor had developed stranger anxiety and refused to be left at the creche. Ta-ta, gym.

So I mourned quietly for my old jeans and tops and thought I'd have to shop in Ms Read forever.

But luckily Connor got very mobile quite early and I spent my days chasing after him as he crawled everywhere, stuck his hand into everything, tugged at everything un-tuggable and smiled sweetly at Mommy after he'd sent something crashing. All this was burning calories. Plus I was still breastfeeding.

The result? I tried on my old jeans today, the ones with the 20something waistline and no stretch waist as well as my old tops... AND THEY FIT!!! THEY BLOODY FIT!!!! AND I LOOK BLOODY FIT!!!

Okay, the last bit is a lie because I still have my jelly belly. Post-pregnancy souvenir from Mother Nature. I've still got 5lbs to lose before I hit my old weight again.

I danced about in my jeans all day long. Called Dear Hubby to tell him. Went out to the shops TWICE.

Aiyoooo.. so happy am I.


  1. Now for that bikini and you can be a hot mum on the beach! :D Happy for you. I don't even have pregnancy weight so no excuse for jelly belly :P

  2. congratulations! i've never been pregnant but starting to have a jelly belly :-(
    I'm in bandung now. going to jkt for my cousin's wedding today. enjoying my stay in indo with all my family here. ate tons of jco donuts! i guess that's my reason for my jelly belly;-)

  3. PB: You don't have a jelly belly! LOL

    Japanibabe: LOL I haven't tried jco donuts yet, only tried their coffee. Not a donut fan.