Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fat face post-haircut at Children Hair Salon, Jl Kemang Raya

"Honest, mum... not hiding any food in my cheeks!"

Our little boy after we had his locks chopped off yet again. This photo was taken this morning and the reason why it's such a close-up is because he was dying to grab hold of the dangly camera strap, he's fascinated by it.

We went to the Children's Hair Salon in Jl Kemang Raya. It's on the same row as JPC, you can't miss JPC. They open from 9am onwards. We were there at 11am after Connor had been fed and watered and less likely to put up a struggle.

They were more basic than Kiddy Cuts in Senayan. They had just one telly set that was tuned in to Playhouse Disney. And no seats in the shape of racing cars. It showed in the price which was a third of what we paid at Kiddy Cuts.

Were they any good? Well, I took Connor for a walk today in our compound and there were 3 little girls out as well. All of them ran up to Connor to pinch his cheeks and stroke his arm, all the while exclaiming over how cute he was. Connor is quite used to this as he gets this every time he goes to Daddy's office, so he just sat in my arms and let them manhandle him.

But half an hour after we'd returned to our house, the doorbell rang and I opened the door to find one of the little girls standing there, asking if she could come in and see Connor some more!

I related all this to his very proud Daddy who exclaimed, "Not even a year old and we've already got girls at the door asking for him!"

So did they do a good job with Connor's hair? His Daddy certainly thinks so!


  1. eeeeeeee..... *squeals* *takes deep breath* eeeeeeeee..... *squeals again* Too bad kid, i'd be way too much of a cradle snatcher and your mom would so have my head ;)

  2. oh connor is sooooo adorable .... nak cubit!!!

  3. PB: Oh Aunty PB... you actually sound as if you fancy children! LOL

    Shortcake: Heh. Come la see him when we're next back in KL okay?