Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I love you long time!

This vid was shot when Connor was about 7.5 months old. He couldn't stand unaided yet so he would use the furniture to pull himself to a standing position. We were fooling around with my little digicam's video function that day. I was on the carpet next to Connor trying to coax him to do something cute while Dear Hubby sat on the sofa filming.

What happened is that Connor spots him and decides to come over to give us some good old-fashioned lovin'.

We just couldn't stop laughing at the last frame.


  1. What a gorgeous baby boy!
    I enjoy your blog so much, found it 3 days ago.
    I've spent two days reading all...lol
    Kinda like a novel for my holiday, but then it's real.

  2. dew: You know.. that's prob the highest compliment anyone's ever paid me because I'd always dreamed of writing a novel. Hope you had a great holiday... and thank you, I think my boy's gorgeous too but then I'm his mum!