Thursday, July 23, 2009

No fake keyboards please

Some time ago, I blogged about how we tried to trick Connor into playing with an old, kaput handphone and failed.

I must have goldfish memory because I totally forgot about that incident when I was trying to stop Connor from playing with the PC keyboard. We use MSN video call to keep in touch with Nan who's far, far away in Liverpool. Kudos to my bro-in-law who managed to teach her how to power up the lappie AND call me. I never even managed to teach my mum how to reply to an SMS!

Anyway, each time we're on vid call, Connor will struggle and struggle to reach the keyboard and bang wildly on it. Sometimes he manages to close important windows. So I rummaged in our IT gadget box and found another keyboard. I then put it on our study table, hoping that he'll bang on this one instead.

And guess what? He somehow senses this isn't the real thing and keeps reaching for this keyboard instead! I think it's because he realises I don't shout NO! and take his hands away from the fake keyboard. If having a baby has taught me anything, it's that kids are really clever at knowing what you don't want them to do and doing it.

Bummer. And all this before he hits puberty.

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