Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Connor tries to run away from home

The little monkey tried to run away from home yesterday. Or rather, he tried to crawl away... since he can't walk yet.

Dear Hubby had left for work and didn't lock the main door. He just pulled it close and didn't let me know. So I thought the door was locked. Imagine my surprise when I looked up from the dining table to find my little one had opened the main door and was sitting on the doormat outside.
I was so surprised I couldn't move at first. He was looking back at me with this look of utter glee on his face at his newfound freedom as if to say, "Goodbye Mom! I'm off to see the world!" I leapt up then and shouted, "Connor! Noooooo!!!"

And my little monkey of a son burst into giggles and quick as a flash, he was up and crawling away. I ran like mad and scooped him up, scolding "Naughty boy!" as he tried to wriggle free, giggling all the time.

What a good thing we live in this compound in Jakarta where there isn't any traffic . What a good thing it wasn't the doors that led to the pool.

After I'd gotten over my scare, it was pretty funny. Especially the bit where he was looking at me with pure mischief in his eyes. We'll remember to lock the door next time.


  1. Aiyoyo! So young and already such an adventurer! Lucky you caught him in time

  2. PB: Ya man. I went round checking all our doors after that, didn't want him escaping anymore.