Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back home in Jakarta... again!

Well...a day or two after writing my last post, we had to get ready to fly back to KL. It was a last-minute, hastily arranged trip to fly back and see to our new apartment. We'd bought it before Dear Hubby was posted here and we've finally received our keys.

So just as I'd managed to get our little Connor back into his routine, we were off travelling again and his routine was all wrecked... again!!! He's actually quite a good traveller, he just takes his missed naps and weird food on the road all in his stride but Mummy gets really stressed out.

It was great seeing our new apartment and even greater showing Connor his new room. I think he liked it. He was so thrilled to see the cars zooming along the highway.

We also made a quick trip home to see my parents who were delighted to have their grandson home. It's only when he's home with my side of the family that I realise how very un-Chinese my son looks. Vart to do... my genes no fight with Daddy's.... *sigh*

We flew back on Friday and it was a horrible day. We arrived at the airport at 11am to check in for our 1:30pm flight only to be told it was cancelled and we were re-booked on a 7pm flight. Dear Hubby threw a fit as he had a connecting flight later at 6pm. So we got ourselves booked on a 2:30pm Garuda flight and thought that Dear Hubby might make his connection. That flight was then delayed for over an hour and we finally took off at 4pm. Factor in the lovely Jakarta macet and we finally trudged into our home at 9pm, tired and crabby.

No more flying... not for a while anyway!

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