Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Connor is 11 months old

I can't believe it. My Little Monkey will be ONE YEAR OLD in a month's time. I'm not sure I can still call him a baby because it feels more like we have a little boy in the house now. I actually get the feeling now that my son is a person in his own right. He has his own personality and very definite preferences, he's not just a baby waiting to be fed and de-pooped and put to bed.

It's amazing what a baby does in his first year. When we brought Connor home, he was 4 days old. He had no control over his limbs, he couldn't do anything except cry, poop, drink milk and sleep. Fast forward to today and this is a sample of what he did: Waved goodbye to the wait staff at Red Bean cafe, pointed excitedly to Thomas the Tank Engine in his book when I asked him to, drank from his sippy cup all by himself (thanks to our unorthodox training method!), finger-fed himself his animal biscuits and toddled over (ran? Well, he was quick!) amidst many squeals of delight to greet Daddy at the door when Dear Hubby arrived home from work.

I can't think of any equivalent in adult life that can compare to that amazing transformation.

I can't think of any equivalent in my life that has given me such joy either.


  1. hi eileen! i have to say this post brought tears to my eyes. we have a 5 month old baby and can totally relate to the joy of raising a child.

    i've been following your blog for quite a while now(eversince Yasmin Ahmad passed on, hers was my favourite!) and have to say that yours is very entertaining one. i must comment more often, otherwise i feel more like a stalker!

    oh yes! i'm shahrim's wife btw..

  2. AN: Hello there! You have a beautiful baby girl and I was so happy for the two of you when Shahrim first told me you were expecting.
    What a blessing children are. They are hard work but the joys of parenting more than make up for it... agree?
    Thanks for following my blog. Just wish I had more time to write!

  3. Hi Mrs top monkey, i just stumbled upon your blog while looking for McD delivery in Jakarta. I like reading your stories as I'm due this Dec. Reading your "adventure" with the little boy makes me more n more impatient to be able to hold my own tootsie. Hope to see more of your writing =). Have a great day!!!!

  4. Hi Ren, haha... yeah, I've been told that if you Google "McD delivery in Jakarta", the top post is mine.
    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Guess it's not too far away now before you get to enjoy your own little one. It's not all fun and games but you really do get a lot of joy out of the hard work you put in. Wishing you an easy, speedy delivery and a wonderful lifetime of mommyhood to come. :))