Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mars vs Venus: On shopping in Bandung

We were in Bandung last week for a day trip. Been a while since we were last there! We weren't really seriously buying stuff, just looking to escape Jakarta for a day during the long weekend. Anyway, we hit this outlet store called The Secret in Jl Riau. The last time I was in Bandung, I didn't see a lot of stuff for me. But this time I did - lots of Gap, Zara, MNG, Bebe stuff.

I was just looking at stuff on the racks in Secret when I pulled out this lovely dress with a Diane von Furstenberg label on it. The price? A mere Rp400,000. Ooh! Must try! It was deffo a real DvF dress, must have been an off-season one.

And what luck. It fitted like a dream. I could hardly believe my luck. I was so excited I thought I would faint. So I asked Dear Hubby to read the label on the dress for me so that I could ascertain if I was dreaming or not. DvF dress that fits me for Rp400,000! Wah liao. He obligingly read it out. "Lady Roslyn! (That was some extra label the outlet attached to the dress so that they could stick the price tag on)

"No, no... the label on the dress!"

"Erm... erm... 400,000?"


"What label? Where?"

Luckily the helpful store assistant stepped in then and read it out haltingly in her Indonesian accent. "Diane von Furs... furs...tenberg."

Thank you, ma'am! You have just averted a Major Couple Argument. (I bet we weren't the first couple like dat that she'd come across)

That's why you should never go clothes shopping with a straight man. A straight man doesn't understand the concept of browsing, trying on a million things without actually buying them, and hemming and hawwing over things. This is what girlfriends and/or gay friends are for.

The next time we go, we're going to stay a night AND bring a nanny along to watch over Connor so that we can really shop, shop, shop and shop.


  1. hey post a pic of you in your lovely dress so we can admire too!

  2. Heh... will do.. when I get the chance to wear the dress!