Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Be Kind Rewind: A real LOL film

It was dinner time and Connor was refusing all food. Mummy was upset but not as upset as she should have been because she was so busy laughing along to a film on HBO called "Be Kind Rewind". I came in midway through the show but I think I got the story right.

It's a story about a guy, Mike who's left in charge of this video store and his friend Jerry accidentally erases all the videos in the store. So when the store's most loyal customer, a somewhat eccentric woman, comes to borrow Ghostbusters, Mike has this brainwave of recreating it using this handheld camera that records on videotape. One take only per scene and it's so funny how they come up with their own version of Slimer.

Their (re)creations of films such as Driving Miss Daisy, Rush Hour 2 (god, that was so funny) are so popular that they soon have this fanbase coming in to rent their films. They're known as sweded films as Jerry claims they're Swedish imports. LOL

I missed bits and pieces after that because Dear Hubby came home and we spent our time trying to figure out where the leak in our stroller tyre was. You can read about the movie here on Wikipedia.

It was SO funny. I'm not a Jack Black fan but this film had me in tears.

Watch this bit where they swede Ghostbusters. I think it has to be seen in the film context to be fully appreciated, a clip like this isn't quite as hilarious.

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