Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TV time for children

Every book, website or parenting guru (self-styled or not) I've consulted has told me to limit TV time for Connor. It's supposed to be bad, bad, bad.

Fortunately for me, Connor doesn't seem to enjoy TV very much. (Yet) Not even his beloved Thomas! I've put the DVD on for him and he'll watch it for a few minutes before he'll go off and do other things.

The only thing that seems to hold his attention on telly is the commercials. Yep. A good ol' 30-seconder that blurbs about the industrial strength of some detergent is absolutely fascinating to my 14-month-old. It trumps Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny and anything CBeeBies has to offer.

I normally feed him dinner at 6:30pm++ when Daddy's home and we're all glued to ESPN Sportscenter. Connor will show absolutely no interest in the tv while the sports news is on but the moment they go to commercials, he will swivel towards the telly and watch all the ads with open-mouthed interest.

I'm not sure why he loves them but Mummy is starting to think a self-made tape consisting of half an hour's worth of commercials may just be the Holy Grail of Mommyhood. Half an hour of Connor staring at commercials = half an hour bliss for Mummy!

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