Sunday, March 28, 2010

The day I met a Weirdo Mum

I had a mum say something very peculiar to me on Wed. She was making formula milk for her 27-month-old son and it was this gigantic bottle. I said, "Your son can drink so much milk! My son is refusing milk, I'm finding it hard to give him any." She snapped at me in a nasty tone, "That's why you feed him all that junk!" and walked off before I could say anything. I was very busy thereafter and didn't get to see her again or I probably would have said something back.

Anyway, this is what I'd been feeding Connor on that day while we were both in the same room with our children - chicken drumstick, home-made ham and egg sandwiches, bananas. And breast milk.

She, on the other hand, had given her son nothing all day but 2 bottles of formula. Which makes her an OBVIOUS expert on child nutrition eh!

Was she nasty because people were fussing over Connor and not her son? There was a perfectly legitimate reason for that, not relating to Connor's looks or mixed parentage (which are the usual reasons he gets some attention) but I cannot go into it here. Was it because her 27-month-old son was smaller than my son? Was it because people were constantly snapping photos of Connor but not of her son?

If it was...... NYAH-NYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay. My bad. *shame-shame look*

I'd still like to know which food I gave Connor qualified as junk food. Maybe the ham was but... bananas? Chicken? Eggs? Breast milk???


  1. OOh email me and tell me why everyone was fussing over Connor! :D And besides you were NOT feeding your boy junk. If a child is to drink milk all the time that makes him a cow not a boy :P

  2. :D Take it in stride... I used to get told I was going to make Megan malnourished by feeding her chicken, rice/ pasta, broccoli, egg, watermelon everyday. That in addition to the people saying I was an unnatural mother because my kid didn't like sweets or fizzy drinks... Can't win...

  3. PB: My mum-in-law said weirdo mum must be jealous. LOL

    Mei: I knew I'd get some support from you! Hehe. Seriously... I couldn't believe it when she said I fed him junk food after she'd been watching me breastfeed him all afternoon.