Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hello vs Halal

I'm laughing as I'm typing out this post.

Connor was drinking some soy milk and he pointed to the Halal logo on the carton. Looking up at me, he jabbered something in an enquiring tone which I interpreted as "What's that, Mummy?" So I said, "Oh that's the Halal logo, Connor."

Connor obviously heard something else because he smiled and said "HELLO?" very loudly to the Halal logo and pointed at it.

I just had to laugh.


  1. wondered intom this guys blog & somehow thought of you..hmm..i wonder why?

    Connor gets free developmental assessment & you get to meet a young med student who blogs!! YAYY!



  2. KH: I get a Blog doesn't exist msg. :(( Thanks for telling me about the guy's blog btw... any chance you still have the URL lying around and could check it for me?



  4. Thanks KH! How odd... when I did a copy-paste job with the URL, I got a blog does not exist error msg again. So I typed in "Medielicious" on Google and I got the blog, no problemo. Stupid blogspot.

    Hats off to a medic student who has time to blog... really!