Saturday, April 3, 2010

A most satisfying Saturday

The day started well. Dear Hubby's new car (courtesy of the office) had arrived yesterday and we took it out for a spin today. I think it's really new as the leather seats still have that new car smell about them. Even had lumbar control feature for the driver's seat. Niiiiiice.

Spent morning just walking around Pavilion. We had lunch at the food court, Mummy had la mian and Dear Hubby had wantan noodles. Connor got bits off our plates and the funniest bit was when Dear Hubby fed him noodles off his fork. When he pulled the fork out of Connor's mouth, the noodles somehow went splat all over Connor's face. Dear Hubby just laughed helplessly watching Connor pick the strands off his face and put them in his mouth.

Afternoon nap for Mummy and Baby while Daddy goes off to play squash and swim with G. I picked up Scott from his hotel, we've not seen him since last year when we were in Sg for Dear Hubby's back surgery and he joined us for dinner at our apartment. We had roast pork and roast chicken PLUS roast potatoes PLUS peppered cabbage for dinner... and raspberry cheesecake to follow! Yum-yum. Dear Hubby and I make such a wonderful team in the kitchen.
Dinner was timed to coincide with the big match of the weekend, Man U vs Che. It was fun just having friends over, having a good time just talking and enjoying dinner together - something we'd missed greatly during our stay in Jakarta.

Man U obligingly lost to Chelsea and Spurs got beat by Sunderland.

Oh what a wonderful day.

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