Monday, April 5, 2010

You know you're raising a boy when.. take him out for a walk around the condo and he shows absolutely no interest in the flowers and leaves that you pick up to show him but perks right up when you get to visitors' carpark and he can see the cars and motorbikes parked there. walk past the row of cars at the valet parking area in Pavilion KL and he wants to see the fire engine red Ferrari and no other.

...when he won't kiss you but keeps kissing the cover of the leisure pullout of The Star from 2 weeks ago because it featured 3 local female celebs on it.

...when his ears are forever filthy even as you keep cleaning and cleaning it.

...his little feet stink after a sock-less day. show him a vid of his Nana singing to him and he lights up most at the bit where there is a car passing by in the background - "Brum-brum!"

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