Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our holiday so far

Well it's been a GREAT one. :)) This is what we did:

...took Connor to the beach in Luz, Portugal. It was Connor's first time at the beach and he had a blast! It was such fun watching him laugh and shriek when the waves came in. We also took him to the swings on the beach and Connor being Connor, got off the swings in mid-swing and fell splat! face-first into the sand. Twice.
...saw John Aldridge in the pub in Luz. My heart went pitter-patter. Wish it was Dalglish though, my all-time favourite LFC player.
...watched a whole bunch of World Cup matches in the afternoon! Yay! Much better than getting up at 3am in KL.
...bought Connor cheapo clothes again at Asda and Matalan.
...took Connor to the very same park in Liverpool that his daddy played in as a child.
...spent time in Scotland with J and M and it was lovely seeing them with Connor.
...Connor shouting "Muh!" (bus) each time we see one. Dear Hubby said he wasn't sure if Connor was doing it because he likes the buses or if it was because I reacted with delight each time he did.
...ate 2kg of cherries.
...ate cataplana. It's a local Portuguese stew, can be cooked with seafood, beef or lamb. I had the seafood one. It was like eating tom yam goong minus the tom yam.
...ate at a roadside cafe in Lagos, Portugal and watched the world go by. When a street tram in the shape of a steam engine passed by.... well, you can only imagine how excited Connor was as he thought it was Thomas the Tank Engine!
...Connor played out in the garden while his grandparents and Daddy caught some sun. Mummy stayed indoors and read.

What made me smile:
...watching the UK side of the family fall in love with Connor over and over again. They think they're having fun with him but I'm having even MORE fun watching them have fun with him.
...we arrived home in Liverpool after travelling for about 20 hours, Connor catches sight of his grandparents whom he hasn't seen in person since he was 10 months old but he breaks into a smile and says "Nana!" and "Dada!" (for Grandad). It's not because he has a super-memory. It's because I regularly play him vids of our last trip here and we vid-conference with Nana and Grandad often and he remembered.
...Connor spotting the chimes and singing out the first line of the song that Nana sang to him the last time we were here, they'd sat together near the chimes. That was funny. MIL saying I'm "...a tiny wee thing!" I'm 165cm tall, weigh about 50+kg. LOL It's wonderful having in-laws who have Viking blood in them as they are all about 6ft tall and I look tiny in comparison.

We are taking Mum and Dad out today for a pub lunch and then taking Connor on the train. Weather's been good, sunny most days and it's been light till 9pm or so. One more week and we'll be home in KL again!


  1. Sounds like loads of fun! As holidays should be :D What's with the technicolor background?! o_O

  2. Like your blog new look. Enjoy your vacation.. you might need a vacation from your vacation :)

  3. PB: I cuba this new design that Blogger offered. Didn't expect it to be so big!

    LNF: I'm dreading what I'll have to face in Msia when we get home - the jet-lagged toddler! Hehe.