Sunday, July 11, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010: Viva Espana or Oranje?

We have 4 Liverpool players in the 2 teams playing tonight. Holland have Dirk Kuyt and Ryan Babel. Spain have Torres and Pepe Reina (I heart heart HEART Pepe!). This is making it quite difficult for me to decide who to cheer for.

Spain played some wonderful classy football against the Germans the other night. This is the German team that spanked a woeful England and made Argentina look like Dumb & Dumber at defending but Spain outwitted them. It was one of the best matches I'd seen for a long time and if Spain end up winners, they will be worthy winners.

But Holland have Dirk Kuyt. He's not the most skilful of players and sometimes his touch is heavier than an elephant's. But with Kuyt, you know you have a man who will give you his all every time he's on the pitch. He's the one who keeps running when others have stopped. That was how he got his goal at the World Cup - he kept on running while everyone else stopped and when the ball bounced off the post, guess who was there in the right place to slot it in? That is why I like Kuyt. He never stops trying for the team.

This might be Kuyt's one and only chance to win a WC medal. The likes of Torres and Reina will surely have another chance.

So it's Holland for me tonight. I vote for the heart of Kuyt over the silky skills of David Villa & Co.

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