Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oodles of noodles

This morning, I was busy running around putting things away and washing the pots and pans. I was rushing because I wanted to take Connor out for walkies in Bangsar Shopping Centre. Okay, I lied. It was because MUMMY wanted very much to go to Mothercare in Bangsar and check the sale out as she's not had a chance to yet.

Surprisingly, Connor was behaving himself. He was sitting in the hall and I'd left the telly on to BBC News which is a channel he loves to watch in the morning. But he'd been too good for too long. Which can only mean one thing. He must be up to no good. I know every mum reading this is nodding her head because she knows what I'm talking about.

I quickly dried my hands on a tea towel and hurried out to check on him.

Turned out he'd gotten his hands on this half-eaten pack of Mamee snack noodles. I'd been snacking on it yesterday and must have forgotten to toss it. He'd scattered the remainder of the pack onto the carpet so there were itty-bitty bits of crunchy noodle curls everywhere and as I approached, I saw that he was picking it up bit by bit and saying delightedly, "Noooooodle!" before putting each bit into his mouth and crunching away happily.



  1. Yes, I know what you mean.. lol.. it's too familiar... imagine if we're neighbors and Connor & my 17 months old son are playing together (play date)? We'll be in big trouble! ;-)

  2. Oh no. Complete chaos for sure! LOL