Tuesday, July 6, 2010

World Cup 2010: How it's going so far for me

I actually don't quite enjoy the World Cup. I know, I know... I love my football so everyone I know naturally assumes I'd be staying up to watch WC as well. But my football has to have 11 men dressed in Liverpool red for me to be interested in it. Besides my country didn't (and probably never will!) qualify for the WC so I don't have anyone to cheer for. I watched with some envy as my English in-laws cheered on their team only to be let down spectacularly by them again.

Let's see how it's been so far. We touched down in England. England got kicked out of the WC. We went to Portugal for 10 days. Woo. Portugal got kicked out too. So for last week's Ned-Bra match, I feared for the men in orange whom I was supporting only because a certain Mr Kuyt is playing for them. You see, our journey home included a transit in Amsterdam where many, many, many things in orange were on sale. Except oranges. Didn't see a single one. Weird.

But they made it through so I'm kinda hoping the "curse" is broken. Tonight it is Dirk Kuyt vs Uruguay and I will be hoping our hardworking Liverpool man ends up on the winning side.

GO ORANJE!!!!!!!


  1. Hey, we have the same team to root for. Go Holland! (now that US was eliminated) ;-)

  2. LNF: Guess we all smiles after the result then!

    GT: My fellow fan! I was so happy for Kuyt, he deserves it.

  3. wait wait now that Spain is in the Final - macam mana? Coz isnt Torres playing for Liverpool? Or I mean playED for Liverpool :P I will be rooting for Spain - more interesting play than the Dutch

  4. PB: I dunno! *sings* Torn between two lovers... feeling like a fooooool....

    I'll let you know. Maybe I'll just wave our flag and shout "MALAYSIA BOLEH!"