Monday, August 16, 2010

From the mouth of babes: Shhhhh

It is bedtime and Connor's got that zoned out look in his eyes, the one he always gets when he's heading into Zzz Land. I thought I would hasten the process and started singing the lullaby I've sung him since Day One.

(to the tune of Are You Sleeping?)
Mummy sayang, Mummy sayang
Connor boy, Connor boy
Daddy also sayang, Daddy also sayang
Connor boy, Connor boy

Suddenly a little hand shoots up in the darkened room and covers my mouth. I look down at him, surprised. Very seriously, Connor says to me, "Mummy." There is a pause and then Connor continues in a dun play-play tone, "Shhhhhhh."

Yes my son, Mummy will shut up from now on.


  1. omg! we also sing 'Are You Sleeping' with our own lyrics for little yumn since she was a baby..

  2. I find the tune very multi-purpose, I can fit lots of lyrics to it.
    I hope Yumn appreciated your singing more than Connor did mine!