Wednesday, August 18, 2010

From the mouth of babes: Tiger, please!

We had a visitor from Scotland last night who was hankering for some good Indian food so we took him out to Passage to India for a curry to remember. Luckily for us, Connor co-operated by taking a late, late afternoon nap so he was able to last till 9pm without whining.

This happened while we were ordering drinks.

Waiter: Ma'am?
Me: A Coke please.
Waiter: One Coke... sir?
Dear Hubby: One Tiger beer.. how about you? Okay, make that two Tigers.

Connor, upon hearing the word "tiger", opens his mouth and lets out a big toddler tiger roar. I burst into laughter while Dear Hubby looks puzzled. I explained, "Connor wants a tiger too!"

It reminded me of my cousin S when he was a little, little boy many moons ago. He was on a trip to Thailand with my aunt and uncle and the tour guide was asking the bus, "Who wants to go see tiger show?" ie the Thai-girl show. Cousin S immediately said eagerly, "I want to go see tiger show!" and the whole bus just burst into laughter. He was extremely disappointed when told that this tiger show was not for little boys. LOL

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