Monday, September 27, 2010

I want this footie season to be over NOW

It is six games into the new EPL season and I'm already wanting it to be over. Why?

Because my beloved Liverpool FC are, to misquote Shanks, tragic. I am no tactician. I have watched footie for years without understanding the finer points of 442 vs 451. I have never played the game except for casual kickabouts and promptly quit when some lad hoofed the ball right into my midriff.

But I have eyes and I have a brain. I can see that we are in total shambles. We used to have the best defence in the league. Now all the opposition has to do is cross the ball and I see our defence get all flustered. I don't understand why the defence is sitting right in front of our goalie's face all the time.

I watched us vs Sunderland last weekend whenever time permitted as I was getting Connor ready for bed at that time. I don't know why we had all that space in midfield with no red shirt in sight. I don't know why our defence keeps backing off opposition players who are looking to cross the ball into the box.

The players look clueless. And disinterested. I can understand losing if you've given it your all. What makes me mad is players not giving a shit about the shirt they are wearing when they're being paid the equivalent of my husband's annual salary in a week to wear it.

Most worrying of all, I don't understand why our manager cannot see what the fans are seeing. This is a man we are paying to manage our team. Each time something goes wrong in a match, his expression is not what I want to see in our manager. It's a "Apa benda....?" expression. This is a man who doesn't seem to know what to do with what he's got. And the stuff he says in interviews... unbelievable.

He is not the right fit for our club. For all his faults, I believed, and still do, that Rafa was a right fit. His reign came at the wrong time while we were in the hands of the wrong people. He is gone now, so no point in hoping he'll come back or harping on the past. But the fact remains that while we languish in 16th place in the BPL, Inter are sitting pretty at the top of the Serie A with a 2pt lead over rivals AC Milan and they have the best goal difference in the league.

My one footballing loyalty is to my club, the club I have followed since I was a child. It pains me to see where we are today.

RIP Liverpool FC.

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