Friday, October 8, 2010

Toddler Activities in Kuala Lumpur: Kizsports Gym, Bangsar Village II

I took Connor to Kizsports Gym in Bangsar Village II this Monday. He'd seemed bored with Jungle Gym in Bangsar Shopping Centre where we go to regularly for our Monday playgroup so I figured a change in scenery was in order. Besides we had to pick Dear Hubby up later and BV II was the closest to him.

Entrance is RM9.90 per entry for children under 2yo. It goes up to RM11.90 for over 2's. Members get RM1 off. Please wear socks or you won't be allowed in. I registered our names and they gave Connor a name tag to stick to the back of his tee. Connor was hopping about impatiently and the moment they opened the door to the place, he zoomed in.

We spent ALL of our time at their slide cum ball pit. Connor would run to the back of the slide and climb up while I scooped balls up and put them at the bottom of the slide. Then he would whoosh down, laughing like mad and send the balls tumbling into the pit. After checking there aren't any more balls left, Connor would stand up and leap into the pit.

I envy you, my son. I never got to jump into a ball pit when I was a kid. Now that there's a ball pit available, I'm too bloody heavy and big for it. Not to mention almost middle-aged.

There was a tunnel next to the ball pit but Connor ignored it completely. There were the usual mazes and tunnels for kids to climb and explore at the other end of the playgym. The slide-ball pit is situated right opposite the entrance and there's a big empty play area for maybe little crawlers to practise moving around in.

What I liked was they had signs saying "This equipment is for under 2 years old only". I don't know how strictly they enforce it though as we were there on a very quiet weekday afternoon and for a good part of an hour, were the only paying customers. The reason I like it is because older kids can be very rough and have no idea of their strength. For example, last week I lost sight of Connor in Jungle Gym. I finally found him in the trampoline area, lying down on the trampoline as three other children who looked to be about 10yo jumped about around him. I removed Connor immediately. What if they'd lost their balance and landed on my son? They'll squish his innards out. See why I like to keep older kids separate from toddlers? Same goes for separating toddlers from babies.

Did we have a good time? You betcha. Connor had shrieked and laughed himself hoarse. When bed time came, he nodded off quickly and slept all the way through. Now that he's older, I keep having to think of more activities to keep him busy or he doesn't sleep well at night.

We are coming back, baby. Kizsports Gym is located at the 3rd floor of Bangsar Village II. Their other outlets are at 1 Utama, Desa Park City and Great Eastern Mall. If you like, you can hold your kid's birthday party there. What a great way to tire out sugar-high kids. They also run educational programmes but I think it's only available at the outlet in 1 Utama... not sure, doesn't say anything on their website. After seeing how good it is for tiring Connor up, I'm thinking of signing him up for one of them.


  1. Hi there.
    my name is sherlyn.
    and i'm looking for ball pit area which are big enough for a commercial shoot.

    do you happen to have pictures of the ball pit area at bangsar?
    do you mind sending it to

    thank you


    1. Hi Sherlyn, I am in the UK now and all of my pics are stored on my home PC back in KL. I don't think this will suit your requirements though as it's quite small. You can try the children's playgym in Gardens... forgot the name!... that has a bigger pit.

      Want a toddler talent? Hehe. Good luck with the shoot... hope you get the shots you need quickly!