Monday, November 15, 2010

Shopping in Kuala Lumpur: FOS Kids and Teens, Ikano Power Centre

I dropped by Ikano Power Centre today and headed right to their FOS Kids and Teens outlet. It's on the 2nd floor of the mall. I was looking for some Christmas PJ's for Connor. I want to take pictures of him tearing into his presents on Christmas morning. This will be the first Christmas we're spending in our own home as a family of three and I want to remember it.

There was a whole pile of Baby Gap pajamas for sale at a pretty good price. Sold separately, they are RM13 each but buy 2 pcs and you pay RM21. Buy 3 and you pay RM30. I bought 3 sets of pjs and that cost me RM60.

The only problem is everything is thrown higgledy-piggledy into a huge pile and you have to dig and dig and dig to find the sizes and designs you want. The pj bottoms and tops don't necessarily match and sometimes you have to improvise. I found Connor his Christmas pj top but couldn't find the bottom for it and ended up getting another pj bottom that looked like it could match.

Be wary of Baby Gap sizing though. Connor is an average sized 2yo. He is about 89cm tall and weighs 28lbs. He fits nicely into a 4yo sizing for Baby Gap sleepwear. The 2yo sizes looked like they could fit a 6 month old and no bigger. They say it's a "snug fit" but I wonder if they meant sausage snug fit. What a good thing I didn't order the Baby Gap sleepwear from online stores then, I would have ended up with a bunch of pj's that were too small. They would also have cost me more as I would have to pay for postage too.

Check it out if you're there.

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