Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Daddy's Day Off

Well, Daddy's Week Off actually. Dear Hubby has the week off and so far it's consisted of lazy mornings for Mummy (finally! Someone to watch over Connor while I sleep in!) and Christmas tree-hunting at the malls.

We're still hunting. Dear Hubby wants to get one with fibre optics in the tree itself so you don't have to buy additional fairy lights to light up the tree. If anyone knows of where to find one in KL/PJ, please let me know.

Yesterday we went to Ikano to get a t-shirt printed and ate at McD's at The Curve. I actually don't like McD's anymore. I think it's because I've become a more proficient cook now and can actually tell the difference between real food and plastic food. Connor doesn't like McD's at all except for the fries. He refused the chicken nuggets we ordered for him and no wonder! Not a patch on the chicken fingers I make him. *syiok sendiri mode ON*

Daddy got him an ice-cream cone from McD's. It was so funny seeing them together - Dear Hubby carrying Connor who was holding the cone and had the BIGGEST smile on his face. He was calling "Mummy, Mummy!" and when they reached me, Connor said, "Mummy, ice-cream!" If you asked me to describe "happiness" in a picture, it would surely be a 2yo little boy with a cone in his hand and ice-cream smeared all over his face.

It was a lovely lazy day. We don't get to spend enough time with Daddy because he's always working and it's really nice to just chill as a family... and eat an ice-cream together.

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