Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shopping in Kuala Lumpur: Pre-loved designer bags at Luxury Vintage

About 2 weeks ago, Connor started trial classes at a local kindy in Bangsar. The trial classes were only an hour each time and I was encouraged to leave him there alone so that he could learn to adjust.

Mummy immediately grabbed the chance to visit Luxury Vintage which was just round the corner from the kindy. No, I *swear* it was not the reason why I picked this kindy for Connor! I'd known about them for quite some time only never had the opportunity to investigate them.

They are located in a bungalow along Jalan Maarof, not too far from the traffic lights to Bangsar Shopping Centre. They carry a LOT of pre-loved designer bags AND clothes AND shoes AND accessories. They also carry brand new items. You could get a pre-loved Chanel bag for RM900+++ but it wasn't in very good condition. On the other hand, an exotic skin Hermes Birkin was also available... at RM100,000+++. I would have to trade in my car to get that bag. Siao...

I spent a very happy 45 minutes browsing the place and walked out about RM500 poorer. They have a good selection of Hermes and Chanel, more LV bags than you could shake a stick at and a pair of Manolos I tried on in the hopes that my big feet would magically shrink to fit the shoes. Sigh.

The staff is friendly and very obliging. If you are not icky about wearing pre-loved clothing, this is quite a good place to shop. The staff are very discreet about the socialites and fashionistas who bring in their clothing/shoes for sale but were happy to tell me that most of the clothing have been worn a few times only. Some were bought on the spur of the moment or gifts and they were selling them to make space in their wardrobes. I tried on a DvF wrap dress but it was one size too big. I wanted to try on the Chanel tweed jacket they had for sale but since I wasn't going to cough up RM9000 big ones for it, I thought I wouldn't make them take it out of the wrapper.

They have a website and a Facebook page but both are not well maintained. The Facebook page has very haphazardly labelled and badly organised photo albums. It's very hard to tell what exactly is in the album and I was put off trying to search for stuff. I'd mentioned that to the staff but I don't think my message was understood. However their store more than makes up for it. I'd reco you just ignore their online presence and go right to the real thing.

Happy shopping!


Luxury Vintage is located at No. 152 Jalan Maarof. Tel: 03-2095 6266. They are open from 1030am - 9pm daily except for Sundays.

They have a new, smaller outlet in Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang. That's on the ground floor next to Island Shop. Tel: 03-4251 0013. Open daily from 10am - 9pm.


  1. I've been seeing it everytime I drive by. Thanks for sharing your experience. Now what did you get that made you RM500 poorer? :P I'm on a ban. I better not step in there.

  2. PB: Well, I'm on a ban too... a two-year long ban on handbags btw... lol. I got a dress and a jacket. I shouldn't be posting this here, the Hubby reads the blog sometimes you know... *runs off to hide*

  3. got your text :D nice buys! And mine was 2 years on bags... but its been stretched to 3 >.< how!

  4. Quick PB! Into our time machine! We shall zoom to the year 2013!

  5. Hi there! Came across this as I was surfing for info... Where would be the best place to shop for nice bags and such in KL? :)

  6. Hi if you're looking for new designer bags, you can't go wrong with Suria KLCC and Pavilion downtown. Both have top end designers as well as high street labels.
    This store is good for pre-loved, as is Attic House and Scoop, both are in Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas.
    For quirkier bags, try the flea markets set up at shopping malls on weekends.
    Hope this helps!

    Sorry for late reply but I could not find the post where you commented.

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