Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Budget Haircuts: Kwik Cut, Ikano-Curve Underpass

When Connor out-Biebered Justin Bieber in the hairdo stakes, we knew it was time Connor got a trim. I kept putting it off because taking Connor for a haircut is like taking him into a torture dungeon. He screams the place down all through the cut and at the end of it, Mummy and Connor are a hot sticky mess of snot, sweat and hair.

This is Connor before the cut.

We took him to Kwik Cut. It's located in the IKEA-Curve underpass. They charge a flat rate of RM13 for each haircut. If you're looking to replicate The Rachel, please go elsewhere. But if you just want your bangs trimmed or your toddler's hair chopped off, this isn't a bad choice. This is our 2nd time there getting Connor's hair cut.

Mummy was well-prepared for the Battle of the Hair. I wore a satiny finish sort of top so that the hair would all slide off. Don't wear a fabric top because all the hair will just stick to it. And don't pick a white top for god's sake. I picked a printed top so that you can't see the hairs clinging to it. I also packed M&Ms to distract him, the iPad, lots of wipes and a Thomas the Tank Engine tee for him to change into apres-cut.

So did the procedure go smoothly?


He screamed so loudly all the way through that concerned passers-by were coming into the shop just to see if we were kidnapping the child. Honest! My bro-in-law was standing outside the shop, watching our stroller and he said people were asking each other if some kid was being abused in the shop.

It took Dear Hubby AND me to restrain him before the stylist could do her job. The M&Ms didn't help either. He would pop one into his mouth tearfully, glance at all the hair stuck to his arms, freak out, scream... and yes, the M&M would fall right out of his mouth.

At the end of what seemed an eternity, we were done. Behind us were a line of customers, all staring in shock and sympathy. I wiped off the snot, sweat and tears and dusted down a sobbing Connor with baby powder and produced the Thomas tee with a grand flourish. We gave him big hugs and took him to McDs for a sundae treat.

This is Connor right after the cut. He looks completely different!

And this is Mummy shortly after we got home, all tired out from the Battle. Yes I was really asleep in that pic and had no idea Dear Hubby thought it would be "...so funny!" to snap a pic. One moment I was helping Connor build a tower of blocks to knock down. The next, I'm the one who's knocked down. Zzzzzzzz.....


  1. Oh my!!! A battle, indeed! You are a very good mommy. You took so much care in trying to ensure a good experience for Connor. I don't blame you for falling asleep afterwards. If ever anyone deserved a nap, it was you! I admire your bravery. I couldn't have done it. I know Joseph would be exactly the same too. So, because of my lack of bravery, he has to suffer with the home-cut. Poor kid. And by the way, Connor looks very, very cute. :D

  2. Love the new hairstyle on C! LOL at the knocked out mummy on the floor! Naughty daddy *smack*

  3. Andrea: Thank you but I couldn't have done it without Dear Hubby's help. Actually now I'm wondering who had the worse experience - us, Connor.. or the lady who cut his hair! LOL We left her a big tip and she kept saying sorry to Connor for making him cry but we said it was all right. So now I am trimming his hair everyday in the hopes that we never have to take him for another cut until he's 25. He looks so cute now in the shorter do, I prefer him with this cut instead of that floppy mop he was sporting earlier. I admire you for being able to give Joseph a decent hair cut! I tried it once on Connor, it was so bad I had to brave a session at the barber's so that my boy wouldn't look like the offspring of Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber.

    Shortcake: Hehe, yea... was pretty funny to see that pic of me all tired out on carpet. I only woke up because I heard the camera go "Chik!"

  4. See - Kwik Cut DirectorMarch 8, 2011 at 7:45 AM

    Thanks for patronizing Kwik Cut, we are very glad to be of your service. Thanks.

  5. Hi See, we're very pleased with the results as you can see. So far, Kwik Cut has been the best place to go to for my son's haircut... even though he still hates it!