Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kids Activities in Kuala Lumpur: Kidz Art 'N' Fun Zone, IPC

Today was gloomy and rainy when we woke up. This meant the condo playground and pool were out for our weekend play time. How was I to burn off Connor's toddler energy?

This is why we ended up at IPC (formerly known as Ikano Power Centre). They had a kiddie indoor playground on the 2nd floor called Kidz Art 'N' Fun Zone. When we were last there 2 weekends ago, Connor begged and begged to go and play, eager to join in when he saw all the other children inside. Unfortunately we had to leave so Mummy said no.

It's small compared to Jungle Gym in BSC and Kizsports Gym, Bangsar Village II. It also has a different layout. Rather than the mazes and ball pits offered in the other two play gyms, Kidz Art 'N' Fun offers inflatable slides and a bouncy castle-cum-slide. Connor enjoyed bouncing about and sliding down on the smaller slide but he hesitated when he saw the much bigger ones. So did Mummy!

They also had two standard slides scattered about, plenty of playhouses, see-saws and a line of computer consoles against one wall. They weren't switched on when we were there but I assumed they were working. Just outside the entrance to the play gym is a sand art area where you can purchase templates and create sand art. So that's something different to offer an older child for a change.

The charges were also a lot cheaper. They charge RM8 on weekdays and RM12 on weekends. The weekday charge is almost a third of what Jungle Gym and Kizsports charge (for children above 2yo).

I have to say I feel Jungle Gym and Kizsports were more fun. The mazes offered Connor the chance to climb to his heart's content and they didn't have that at this play gym. It's still good fun for the kids though and definitely an option you should consider if you're thinking of taking more than one child out to the play gym.

Check it out if you're in the mall. It's not a bad place to take the kids to if the weather's bad and they can't play outside.

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