Friday, August 26, 2011

Do you wear a hat?

It continuously surprises me that for a nation that's constantly exposed to harsh sunlight, we don't wear hats to protect ourselves from the sun. The only people I've met wearing hats in KL are those ah mois around Sg Wang Plaza and all they have is a little burgundy beret perched on some ridiculous angle on their flat-ironed tresses.

I own a straw hat that I wore every single (sunny) day in Phuket. No one gave a damn about me when I wore it. But when I put it on here in KL, I'm guaranteed to draw stares. Not admiring ones either. I get people staring at me as if it's odd to wear a hat to ward off the hot tropical sun.

I wore a toque during the summer we were in Canada. It wasn't my fault it was still snowing in June. No one stared at me either even though they were in shorts and tees.

Do you wear a hat in KL? If you do, can you tell me how to pull it off without attracting so many stares?


  1. Hi, I am not in KL but I will be moving from Australia to Bangkok soon and I will be wearing hat.

    I spent a couple of years in the north of spain and in summer I always wore a hat but it meant a lot of people stared at me because it was not really the done thing.

    My daughter went to school there and they never mentioned hats or sunscreen - it amazed me

  2. When I mentioned to friends and family that the school we plan to enrol Connor in for Year 1 makes all the students wear hats outside, everyone was surprised. LOL