Monday, September 26, 2011

Connor says: Sayang time!

Every night at Connor's bedtime, we go through the same thing.  After his nightly bath and a final play time and night-night kisses from us, Connor is put to bed.  And every night he will try to delay sleep by pretending to be lovey-dovey and cuddling up to Mummy.  I used to give in to him and cuddle him but I quickly realised that if I remained firm and ignored him, he would fall asleep within minutes.

Two nights ago, we had the same sleep time drama.  He was trying to cuddle up to me, saying over and over again "Sayang Mummy.... sayang Mummy... Mummy sayang Connor please..."  So I said firmly to him "Connor.  Go to bed.  Now is night-night time."

Just as firmly Connor said "NO.  Now is SAYANG time!"

I will confess that I laughed and gave in for one more time.  How could I not!

Yes. My son is trilingual.  Sort of.  He can speak English, Chinese (one word only:  gwailo!) and Malay (one word only:  Sayang).... hahahahahaha......


  1. That is adorable! I wish my little guy would be all cuddly and lovey dovey like that with me. Oh well, guess I can't have everything I want...darn! :-) By the way, what does 'sayang' mean?

  2. Andrea, friends told me their little boys stopped wanting cuddles by the time they entered Year 1, so I think I better enjoy it while it still lasts!

    We use "sayang" when we cuddle and hug. It means love, affection, caring... can also be used as a noun where you call someone my sayang (my darling). Depends on context. In this case, Connor was asking for cuddles in his desperation to stave off bedtime!