Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A busy weekend!

What a super social weekend Mummy had.

First I had brunch with the girls.  Two of them were friends I'd made when we all suffered together in the corporate world.  One was a friend I'd known since I was three.  The fourth was a new friend and a sort of link for me as she knew the two different sets of friends I had sitting at the table.

I'd never had a brunch with the girls and yakked about the various dead animals we'd seen and/or killed (either in Bio lab or elsewhere).   I think that was why we didn't really manage to finish lunch.   I couldn't really eat after we'd all exchanged gory stories about dead frogs, snakes and cats.

Perhaps next time we'll talk about something more girl-appropriate like erm... Sean Bean and Daniel Craig.

The next day, Mummy took Connor to a birthday party.  The birthday boy was turning two and his Mum and I had known each other from our days in a shared office space.  I prepared Connor for the trip, telling him we were going to a birthday party and would be singing the Happy Birthday song.  Connor duly practised by singing Happy Birthday to his collection of trucks, trains, ambulances, cars and fire engines.  "Happy birthday to you, train... happy birthday to youuuuuuu...!"  sang my little boy as he clapped and then blew out imaginary candles on his IKEA birthday cake.  We had a lovely time at the party.  I got to chat with friends who have children of similar age and we were all exchanging stories about our boys.  Connor got to play with this fabulous Optimus Prime toy and a super dump truck.  He was really impressed by the dump truck, came home still talking about it.

To top it all off, we won 2-1 at Chelsea!  YES!

It says a lot about my life now that I consider one brunch and one kids' birthday party = super social.  LOL


  1. yay for new links! :P

    but to be fair, the dead animal talk only came out towards the end, no? heehee...next round we'll go girly - as long as you include Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in the mix..*sizzle* ;)

  2. Actually hor... the dead animals talk was interesting... like how you're frightened to death in horror movies but HAVE to keep on watching? Same thing.
    HUGH! I once stayed in a hotel just opposite the theatre where he was performing. I couldn't afford the tickets to the show (stupid Msian ringgit to Aussie dollar exchange) so that was the closest I got to him.
    Ryan Reynolds is SO cute. Loved him since his Pizza days (forgot the full title of the show).

    Was so fun meeting up, MUST do again.