Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hurray! Christmas in UK!

I'd been asking and asking to spend Christmas in UK with my in-laws ever since Connor was born and we're finally doing it this year. I come from a Buddhist family so Christmas is pretty much a non-event for us.  So I've always wanted our son to spend Christmas with his paternal grandparents.  I think it will make for lovely memories for everyone.

We're headed back in Dec and everyone (except the blissfully ignorant Connor) is very excited about the trip.  The first thing I did when we booked our tickets was to rush out and get him a coat and some fleece clothing.  I didn't want to spend too much on his winter clothing as he'll probably be too big for them the next time we go back so I shopped at FOS in The Curve.  They had a great deal on fleece, Buy One Get TWO Free!  Worked out cheaper than anything I could get in the UK.

Am hoping for LOTS of snow so that my little boy can make a snowman in the back garden and we can have a snowball fight in the driveway.

Soooooo excited, can't wait!

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