Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to: Get the birthday present you want from your husband

Let's say there's this bag that you want desperately for your birthday.  How do you let the hubby know that's what you'll love as a birthday pressie?

1.  Tell him about how chic your bestie looked in her photo clutching that bag, hoping that he'll catch on you want to look just as chic and only that bag will do
2.  Leave Vogue UK open at strategic ads featuring said bag
3.  Leave the same ads open on the computer
4.  Point them out when you see other women carrying them

Take him to the store that sells whatever you want him to buy you, pick the damn thing up, hug it tight and sing loudly in the store, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!"


  1. Hahaha! It's a shame my birthday only comes once a year! Any more ideas???

    1. I guess you could repeat the same tactic for different reasons? "Happy Valentine's Day to me!" "Happy Mother's Day to me!" "Happy Anniversary to me!" LOL