Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Latest News: Earthquake off Aceh

Connor and I were in the pool and I was talking to a friend as we watched our two children frolic in the water.  Suddenly she said, "Hey, how come it's all wet?"  I looked up to see the walkway near the pool was wet. Very strange, I thought.  It's normally dry as no one can splash quite that much!  I turned to look at Connor who was jumping gleefully into the pool and thought, "No.... my boy can't cause that big a splash!"

Moments later, my husband came hurrying down from our apartment block to tell me that an earthquake had struck off Aceh and he'd felt it sitting at home.  So that was why the water overflowed.

Just minutes ago (6:55pm KL time), a friend posted on his Facebook page that his friend in Phuket had tweeted that the sea water is receding and police were clearing Patong beach of people.

For all those who may be affected, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Please keep safe.

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