Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blog-hopping: Colours of my life

I went along to say hello to Hampshire Mummy's blog and I found this post that was utterly hilarious.

It's a video made by a girl.  I'm guessing she's a Pakistani-American who is Muslim and it's called "I don't understand white people".

I'm not Pakistani, I'm not Muslim but I can totally relate to the inter-cultural confusion she portrays in the hilarious vid.

Sometimes you get the weirdest questions when you meet people of another culture who haven't been exposed to yours.  "Do you know kungfu?" has to be one of the more memorable ones posed to me over the years.

Dear Hubby has had to endure his share of weird questions too.  My uncle (who must have been drunk then) had this to say when meeting him for the first time: "So... you're English.  Do you know Robin Hood? Sheriff of Nottingham?"

Me and my marketing gang in my old office, upon learning our boss' wife is Austrian:  "You must like Sound of Music!"

Do watch the vid and laugh - I think it's great that we're all different in some ways, life would be so boring if everyone were ALL the same all the time.

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