Thursday, February 14, 2013

Connor and his yoghurt

These are Connor's new favourite food.  And it sounds like his name - they're Müller's Corners!  His favourite variety is the one with dark chocolate balls.

This what they look like inside:

It's a portion of plain yoghurt with one corner portion of flavouring.  You can get them in various flavours - fruit, those chocolate balls, strawberry and milk balls, banana choc flakes etc etc.

I love that he's eating dairy products.  The downside is that they are expensive.  They normally retail at £3++  for a pack of 6 and this is pretty expensive compared to the previous brand of yoghurt he was eating that retailed at £1 per pack of 6.  So I normally "forget" and get him a cheaper one instead.

Recently they've been on offer so I bought him some.  I was careful to buy only the ones with dark chocolate balls.  Connor gobbled them all up, eating a pot every day for breakfast.

When they ran, Daddy picked up some.  But Daddy wasn't as observant and bought a different type.  They had banana choc flakes instead.  When Daddy served them up for breakfast, our son wrinkled up his nose and told Dear Hubby, "Daddy, they're the WRONG yoghurt.  My yoghurt is chocolate balls."  But he ate them anyway.

So the next time we stocked up, Daddy bought what he thought were the right ones.  They had chocolate balls on the picture.  

BUT Daddy failed to notice that they were mixed dark and milk chocolate balls.

"DADDY!!!" our son wailed at breakfast.  "Not black and white chocolate balls yoghurt!  Just black chocolate balls yoghurt!"  So Mr Picky picked out all the dark balls to eat but luckily found it too much of a bother and gobbled everything up in the end... chocolate is chocolate, no matter the colour.

This is what you get with a child who's semi-OCD.  Not his fault - both of us are semi-OCD sometimes  too!

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  1. Dammit! I remember these! I used to hoover them up by the pots! (any wonder I was fat? :P ) Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!