Monday, December 16, 2013

Darth Snowflake!

I'm sure you'll have to admit my snowflake-making skills have improved vastly since my first disastrous attempt several weeks ago.  

Shot against our kitchen tabletop which has all those sparkly bits in it, it certainly looks like a snowflake from a galaxy far, far away.  Maybe this is what snowflakes look like on Hoth!

Thank you Anthony Herrera Designs for the fabulous Star Wars snowflake templates.   You can print out templates of various designs and there is even a video to show you how to make one.

If you are going to make lots of them, I would suggest investing in a really, really, REALLY sharp knife.  As you can see from my attempt, some of Darth Vader's eyeholes are quite scraggly looking.  This is because the knife I was using wasn't sharp enough to cut through all the layers of paper.

Merry Christmas!

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