Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My two front teeth!

Anders, with two tiny front teeth

After weeks of agitation and frantic chewing on just about anything and everything, my little Anders is finally the proud owner of two front teeth.  And they appeared in time for Christmas too!  See if you can spot them in the pic above, he's got two little teeth on his lower gums. 

As I recall, Connor had no problems with teething.  He chewed more things but that was it.  We didn't have any sleep disruption, any extra tantrums or fretting.

But Anders!  It was like permanent PMS but in a baby.  His entire routine went out of the window and only settled when his teeth started to poke out.   

I thought we would get some respite but apparently, he's got MORE coming out soon.  His top two front teeth look like they'll be here in time for Chinese New Year which is the end of Jan 2014.

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