Friday, March 7, 2014

...and we have lift-off!

Anders had been trying for weeks to figure out this crawling thing.

He knew it involved getting up on all fours and moving arms and legs.  But he couldn't figure out how to coordinate the arms and legs bit.  And because his arms were stronger than his legs, he found himself going backwards all the time when he tried to move.  The harder he tried to go forwards, the further backwards he went.  To amuse ourselves, Daddy and I would sometimes put Anders on our smooth floor and then wave goodbye as he tried to crawl to us but ended up in the far corner behind the tv.

I know.


And then it happened last weekend.

We had forward movement!  Hurray!

Both sets of grandparents were summoned onto Skype and when the call connected, they were greeted by the sight of their youngest grandson crawling.  My in-laws and my parents were so thrilled.  A video was later posted on Facebook so that they can relive it over and over again.

We celebrated Anders' new-found mobility enthusiastically.

One week on, I'm a little less enthusiastic and more than a little worn out.  I've forgotten what trouble babies can get themselves into once they're mobile!

Next biggie - walking!

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