Monday, October 12, 2009

Eye Candy: The Sippy Cup series

Teehee... thanks to Mummy's superb Sippy Cup Training, I don't need a bottle anymore!

Look at my 2 little pearly whites!

Inilah dia expression annoyed anakku when I tried to take the sippy cup away from him before he'd finished with it.

"Let's go, Mummy! I'm done drinking!" Connor dressed up in his 2 quid shirt from Asda. I love Asda and Matalan, they have such cute baby stuff for a fraction of the price you pay at Mothercare.

All photos taken on 10 October 2009, aged 11 months and after his 3rd haircut.


  1. Got to pop by soon. He looks more and more grown up every time I see him...

  2. 2 quid?!! murahnye!! asda mmg best.. used to go there when i was a student in uk.. better than tesco and safeway

  3. Hello! I happened to stumble upon your blog while searching for some information about life of expats' wives. Your blog is inspiring! You must be thinking why? Cos you inspire me to have a baby too! haha...I know there are many blogs there blogging about their new borns and such. But being mother for the very first time in a foreign land, that needs quite some courage! My hubby has been contemplating to move out of Singapore and having my first baby abroad is quite an intimidating thought and that's why we are still enjoying couplehood. But you made it! And seems to be enjoying every minute of your motherhood :) We live in Singapore but hubby and I are both Malaysian. Apa khabar :)