Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shebby Singh - What a gentleman!

On Friday, Mummy took Connor to Jungle Gym in BSC again. This was our 3rd visit and by now, Connor is familiar enough with the place that he allowed the staff to help him out of his shoes and lead him into the place.. without Mummy! We met Daddy for lunch after that at the other end of Jalan Ma'arof.

Unfortunately, it started pouring just as we finished lunch. Daddy decided it would make no sense having all three of us wet so we waited for him at the shop while he ran off into the rain to get the car. When he finally re-appeared with the car, Mummy tried to figure out how best to get Connor into the car. It was still pouring, I had no brolly and I was looking around for the best way to get to the car.

The man next to me tapped me on the shoulder and asked politely, "Ma'am, excuse me but are you trying to get to the car over there?" I started to reply "Yes I am..." but looked up and my eyes flew wide open in amazement. "Are you Shebby Singh???"

Him: Yes. (slightly exasperated look as in Yes yes you recognised me) Are you trying to get to that car?
Me: You're Shebby Singh???? THE Shebby Singh? Gosh I don't believe this.
Him: Come... I'll take you across. (pops open his gigantic golf brolly and nudges me into a walk)
Me: Shebby Singh! Shebby Singh!
Him: Be careful ok, it's slippery here... slowly, slowly..
Me: Wow, I can't believe this! I have to tell my hubby!
Him: Okay ma'am... here, let me get the door... be careful, be careful...
Me: Omigosh I'll never forget Shebby Singh helped me... thank you so much
Him: You're welcome ma'am... (shuts car door and breathes sigh of relief)

Now Dear Hubby and I watch a lot of Football Focus and we happen to disagree with almost everything Shebby says on the show. Especially the bit about Steven Gerrard being best used as a rightback. ????

But all is forgiven and forgotten, Shebby. What a lovely, lovely man. He was the only one there who offered to help me. Other people just stood there with their brollies and looked on as the mum with the little toddler in her arms was obviously trying to get to a car in the rain. Shame on all of you and bravo, Shebby!

I always knew Paul Masefield was the bigger idiot. ;)

P/S Dear Shebby, I cheered Spurs on last night just for you.


  1. he's still a twat

    1. I completely agree, he says he same words every week in sifferent orders. The guy knows nothing about football at all, he must have photographs of the CEO of ESPN in a comproming situation. His opinions are the same as the last person he spoke. Complete arse

    2. Excuse me, Mr Son of a Newcastle miner! Complete arse WITH a brolly, if you don't mind!

      We still disagree with Shebby but I will always appreciate that he was a gentleman when it mattered most.

  2. Are you Paul Masefield? ;) Well I still disagree with him on lots of stuff but he was a sweetie to offer his brolly that day.