Monday, October 4, 2010

The ways Connor makes us laugh

To cheer myself up after our disastrous start to the season so far, I decided I would write down the funny stuff that Connor does to make us laugh.

The poodle sheep
This happened during our holiday in Portugal. We were walking to the beach in Luz and were passing a lot of cafes with people sitting out in the sun, enjoying a meal and a drink. One table had a very patient poodle sitting under it and it was one of those erm... untrimmed ones? You know... the ones who've not been groomed and clipped all over. Connor saw it, pointed and said loudly "Baaaaa!"

The Chanel lion
We were in Chanel KLCC for a lark and the tv screens in the store were showing a fashion show with a gigantic statue of a lion in the middle of the circular runway. He made all of us in the store smile when he pointed and said, "Mummy! Lion!" and did his best imitation of a lion's roar.

His first Mid-Autumn Festival lantern
Me, being the traditionalist, bought him a glass paper lantern in the shape of a dragon. Even had a separate, moveable head. Just like the one mummy had as a little girl. When I saw them for sale in Giant TMC Bangsar, I was far more excited than Connor was. We had a Mid-Autumn Festival party with friends and all the kiddies and mommies went out for a lantern walk.
Connor lit up when he first saw his lantern. First time mah.... "LION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Yes I am sensing a certain theme here.

The breastfeeding song
Connor still snacks at the boobie. I have no idea how to stop him as he derives such comfort from it. If anyone out there has any ideas, please share. I know breast milk is best but I think that Connor is doing it mainly for comfort, so I am keen to stop him. He enjoys it so much, he's actually made up a song for it. Here goes:
Nen-nen ah.... nen-nen ah..... (repeat ad infinitum)

Dear Hubby thought I was kidding when I reported that our son had made up An Ode To the Boobie and would sing it to erm... them sometimes when he's done with his snacking. I kid you not.

The incident in the lift, Gardens Mid Valley
We were at Gardens on Saturday for a look-see. On our way out, we got into a super-crowded lift. Connor saw the stroller with the little girl before I did. "Baby!" he squeaked happily as he signed "baby" and tried to reach out to stroke the other child. I smiled, "Oh Connor... I don't think she's a baby anymore. Look, she's almost as big as you - why, she's a GIRL!"
Upon hearing that, the little girl piped up in agreement, "I'm a girl!" (pause) Her query "What are you?" was directed at my son whose immediate reaction to feminine inquiry is to cover his blushing face with his hands and peek out between his fingers.
It's okay now because he's not even 2yo yet but I hope his ways with women will have improved by the time he's in his early 20s. I'd like to be a grandmother someday.

This pic
This is my son trying on my glasses for size last Wed while I was enjoying a latte with a fellow mummy friend in Bangsar Village II.

This pic too
It was pre-haircut. I didn't dry his hair properly and he'd gone for an afternoon nap. When he woke up, this was the result. It didn't stay this way for the rest of the day but there was definitely more volume after I'd smoothed it down.

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