Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Cai! - An update

Just back from picking Connor up from playschool and look what he brought home for Mummy and Daddy!

Our first card from our son! This is the bestest-westest card I've ever received! OK it's obvious Teacher wrote the message and not Connor. If Connor could write that neatly at 2yo... wah... champion ler anakku...

Just when I thought nothing could make my vase of pussy willow look more gaya, Connor brings home some additions that elevate my vase to Ming ceramic status - a little Chinese man and a paper fan from crafts session at school.

And here he is - Connor at school today. That's the top from his CNY outfit last year. My mother has bought him a new outfit for this year and it's waiting for him in my parents' home. I blanked out the faces of the other two children because I'm not sure what their parents would think about having their kids on the Net. Some parents don't like it, some don't mind so I thought I'd play safe and blank them out. I did not blank them out because they are not cute... nonononono....

Wah. Lagi Mummy in Chinese New Year mood after the stuff Connor brought home. Got oren summore from the school. I'm really, really chuffed.

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